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Pete Janda Joins NEXT Trucking as CFO
By Amy Sorlie on January 31, 2019

Fresh off an exciting Series C funding announcement NEXT is thrilled to welcome Pete Janda as company CFO. Janda has background in investment banking, consulting, corporate strategy and...

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NEXT Raises $97M in Series C Funding
By NEXT on January 23, 2019

NEXT Raises $97 Million to Drive the Future of Logistics Forward

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It’s Electric...Trucking! (Boogie-woogie-woogie)
By NEXT on January 8, 2019

Electric fleets are on their way -- sooner than you may think.

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How Business Leaders in Logistics Can Improve Efficiency and Results
By NEXT on January 1, 2019

It’s a new year, which inevitably means change. Further, when it comes to the often-lagging logistics industry, change can be a very good thing.

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Diversity and Inclusion at NEXT Trucking -- Fundamental and Necessary to Growth
By NEXT on December 18, 2018

At NEXT Trucking, we believe in the powers of diversity and inclusion. This is due as much to our core values as our commitment to taking part in a future accelerated and grown by...

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14 Simple Steps to Staying Healthy for The Long Haul
By NEXT on December 11, 2018

When it comes to planning, logistics, and maximizing the earnings potential of routes, NEXT Trucking has you covered. But what about the other most important thing to your success and...

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7 Lucky Reasons Why You Should Increase Your Drayage Out of LA
By NEXT on December 4, 2018

Drayage is an interesting topic these days. While you have some ports working to reduce it in favor of more railroad freight, just as much evidence exists in support of increasing...

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5 Things That Would Be Impossible Without Truck Drivers
By NEXT on September 11, 2018

While many people can appreciate the hard work that goes into trucking, most of the general public has little idea how much of their everyday life is possible thanks to the men and women...

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5 Free Apps To Improve Your Life On The Road
By Kevin Chu on September 4, 2018

On the road your smartphone can be your best tool. With a variety of apps available on your device's app store, your phone is a one stop shop for programs that can make your life on the...

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