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NEXT Raises $97M in Series C Funding

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NEXT Raises $97 Million to Drive the Future of Logistics Forward


It’s Electric...Trucking! (Boogie-woogie-woogie)

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Electric fleets are on their way -- sooner than you may think.


Diversity and Inclusion at NEXT Trucking -- Fundamental and Necessary to Growth


At NEXT Trucking, we believe in the powers of diversity and inclusion. This is due as much to our core values as our commitment to taking part in a future accelerated and grown by technology. It’s..


7 Lucky Reasons Why You Should Increase Your Drayage Out of LA

Dec 04
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Drayage is an interesting topic these days. While you have some ports working to reduce it in favor of more railroad freight, just as much evidence exists in support of increasing drayage, so that..


How to Optimize Logistics for The Holiday Rush




5 Things That Would Be Impossible Without Truck Drivers

Not Possible WIthout Truck Drivers

While many people can appreciate the hard work that goes into trucking, most of the general public has little idea how much of their everyday life is possible thanks to the men and women who drive..


Driver Shortage Still Critical Going Into Peak Season, According to ATA Data

Feeling the Capacity Squeeze? It’s Time to Get Agile!

By empowering people and sparking their entrepreneurial spirit, companies are using organizational agility to create improved results and inspire creative thought amongst their employees.


Fresh Perspectives on Standard News // Press Round-Up Week of 3/19-23

The trucking industry is often criticized for sticking to traditional ways of thinking, even by those in the trucking media. We often see the same topics in industry publications rehashed over and..


Compliance Looms, Bringing Change // Press Round-Up Week of 3/12-16

With official enforcement for the ELD mandate slated to start on April 1, many in the industry are scrambling to make last minute changes to their supply chain so they can accommodate the new..

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