3 Easy Tips To Get Preferred Loads, Faster

3 Tips

There are tons of great loads on our app, and there are also tons of ways to get them! We know our users need to get loads, so here are 4 ways they can get their preferred loads faster:


What's NEXT for Truck Driver Appreciation? Giveaways, Events, and Much More!

Truck Driver Appreciation 2018

One of our favorite celebrations, Truck Driver Appreciation Week is fast approaching! We love seeing all of the love shown to drivers during this week from all across the industry. Day and night,..


#TruckerTunes - Elvis Appreciation Week 2018

Elvis 2018 TruckerTunes



Driver Shortage Still Critical Going Into Peak Season, According to ATA Data

Three Things to Expect from the Busy Season Under the ELD Mandate

Busy Season ELD Blog by Corey 2



3 Simple Pre-Inspection Procedures to Prepare Your Drivers for ELD Inspections

ELD Roadcheck Blog 2



In the Age of Warehouse Technology, It’s Time To Build Inward and Upward

Screenshot from a video showing new warehouse technology.


Screenshot from a video by Worldwide Logistics Group.

With warehouse rents at the highest rates in 27 years and space becoming increasingly scarce, warehouses should look to improve the..


Is Your Shipment Safe? 6 Simple Tips To Improving Cargo Security Ahead Of Busy Season

Cargo Security

If your company is transporting high value, high risk (HVHR) cargo - such as electronics, food and beverage, or apparel - keeping your shipments safe from cargo thieves can be a challenge..


Watch NEXT Trucking CEO Lidia Yan Speak at the Recurring Revenue Conference 2018


Screenshot taken from recording of Recurring Revenue Rockstars: Success Stories You Haven’t Heard.” 

Our CEO and Co-founder Lidia Yan joined the “Recurring Revenue Rockstars: Success Stories..


Full Truckload Capacity: Best Practices on How to Maximize Your Capacity

FTL Bryan

Over the last year there has been a great deal of talk about the expected impact of the ELD (Electronic Logging Device) Mandate. Many of the conversations had centered around the anticipated..

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