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It’s Electric...Trucking! (Boogie-woogie-woogie)

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Electric fleets are on their way -- sooner than you may think.


How Business Leaders in Logistics Can Improve Efficiency and Results

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It’s a new year, which inevitably means change. Further, when it comes to the often-lagging logistics industry, change can be a very good thing.


Diversity and Inclusion at NEXT Trucking -- Fundamental and Necessary to Growth


At NEXT Trucking, we believe in the powers of diversity and inclusion. This is due as much to our core values as our commitment to taking part in a future accelerated and grown by technology. It’s..


How to Optimize Logistics for The Holiday Rush




Feeling the Capacity Squeeze? It’s Time to Get Agile!

By empowering people and sparking their entrepreneurial spirit, companies are using organizational agility to create improved results and inspire creative thought amongst their employees.


Compliance Looms, Bringing Change // Press Round-Up Week of 3/12-16

With official enforcement for the ELD mandate slated to start on April 1, many in the industry are scrambling to make last minute changes to their supply chain so they can accommodate the new..


Logistic Optimization in the Digital Age // Press Round-Up Week of 2/26-3/2

Many shipping companies today use technology, but most are not getting the most potential out of their electronic devices. New innovations have integrated themselves into the supply chain more..


Our Account Management and Sales Teams are Growing!

In February our account management and sales teams added 3 new members! We are proud to welcome Cecilia and CJ (not pictured) to the Account Management team, and Dede to the Sales team!


Heavy Traffic in Truck Regulations // Press Round-Up Week of 2/19-23

From the federal to the local levels, this was a busy week for trucking and logistics regulations. While some government entities looked to resolve long-standing issues in their local shipping hot..


Dispatcher Deadline Change, Plus More Improvements to Our App

Load transparency is one of our top priorities here at NEXT. When you post a new shipment, we want to ensure that the right driver takes your load.

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